Company Profile

Company Name
5-3 Inui, Morimoto-cho, Muko-shi, Kyoto 617-8588
Chairman & CEO Muneaki Kinoshita
November 1970
Capital Fund
100 million JPY
Number of Employees
2,084 <including affiliated companies>
Annual Sales
104.165 billion JPY <consolidated accounts>

Business Domains

By providing three kinds of solutions,
Sagawa printing supports clients widely from printing to logistics

Printing Solutions

Making full use of the technology and knowledge accumulated since our establishment, we deliver high quality print products by utilizing various printing processes.

  • Gravure Printing
    Gravure Printing
  • Web Offset Printing
    Web Offset Printing
  • Sheet-fed Offset Printing
    Sheet-fed Offset Printing
  • Paper Package Production
    Paper Package Production
  • Bookbinding/Mailing
  • Variable Data Printing
    Variable Data Printing
  • Film Package Production
    Film Package Production
  • Business Form Printing
    Business Form Printing
  • Sticker/Label Production
    Sticker/Label Production

Digital Solutions

We always adopt the most up-to-date technology and apply image processing know-how in the printing field in order to present high quality digital solutions.

    • Database Publishing System
      Database Publishing System
    • Digital Prepress
      Digital Prepress
  • Design and Artwork
    Design and Artwork

Business and Logistics Equipment

We deliver products that accurately meet all of our customers' requests, such as quality, performance, materials, prices, quantities, and delivery dates.

  • Transport/Packaging Material
    Transport/Packaging Material
  • Logistics Equipment
    Logistics Equipment
  • Novelties & Displays
    Novelties & Displays
  • Office Supplies
    Office Supplies

Affiliated Companies

SP-Tack Co., Ltd.

SP-Tack Co., Ltd.

Founded:April 1991
Chairman & CEO:Muneaki Kinoshita
President:Tadashi Fujisawa

SP-tack manufactures tack paper, stickers and labels, as well as a variety of logistics materials. We have been working on environmental issues from an early stage, and trying to achieve a high level of compatibility between the protection of environment conservation and production efficiency.
SP Media Tech Co., Ltd.

SP Media Tech Co., Ltd.

Founded : March 1994
Chairman & CEO : Muneaki Kinoshita
President : Yasuhisa Kinoshita

SP Media Tech is an affiliated company whose main services are system integration (system development, OA equipment sales, network design and construction), information processing (data input, data processing and printing), and data center operations. In order to meet the requests of customers, as IT experts we are cooperating with Sagawa Printing.

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