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The following will be written in Japanese.


Clear plastic folders, pocket folders, fans, streamers, and carrier bags, T-shirts, tissue paper, cash vouchers, stamp cards, coupons, and discount tickets.

  • クリアホルダー・Tシャツ
    Clear Plastic Folders

    Clear plastic folders are very handy. Since people who receive the folders tend to use them for longer periods of time, advertising is often effective.

  • うちわ、のぼり、Tシャツ
    Fans and Streamers

    Print the event and campaign logos with store names to produce a festive atmosphere and a sense of unity.

  • 金券・クーポン券
    Cash Vouchers and Coupon Tickets

    Perforation and sequential number printing are available. Intended purposes vary, such as coupon tickets, tickets, or admission tickets.