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Rotary Offset Printing

The eastern and western factories operate a total of sixteen rotary presses, which has a significant effect on catalog and free paper production.

Rotary offset printing is suitable for large- and medium-lot printed materials such as catalogs, DMs, and leaflets. The Atsugi factory, which is our production base on the east side, has two A-size machines and two B-size machines. The Hino factory, which is our production base on the west side, has five A-size machines and six B-size machines. Also, distinguishing machinery equipment is furnished at both factories to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

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Rotary Offset Printing Sample 1

We also accept town information magazines sold in bookstores from the DTP editing stage.

Rotary Offset Printing Sample 2

We have achieved a short delivery period for the production of journals for ikebana in which the colors must be precise.