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Gravure Printing

Gravure printing has the beauty of distinguished color tones and a depth of colors. Delivery periods and costs can be compressed with our overwhelming productivity.

Technology from Switzerland, Italy, and Germany is consolidated and based on thorough streamlining and automation for deep, vivid color representation that is typical of gravure printing. Our overwhelming productivity is achieved with our gravure eight-color printing machine, the largest in Japan. Integrated production of bookbinding and wrapping in the same factory shortens the delivery period and reduces costs.

グラビア印刷01 グラビア印刷02 グラビア印刷03

Gravure Printing Sample 1

Solid color representation is realized even in thin and low-cost paper.

Gravure Printing Sample 2

With the use of an inline stitcher, the gravure printing machine produces everything up to bookbinding.